Jennifer Santariello Fashion Designer


  • Knit Dresses
  • Knit Separates

Knitwear is one of Jennifer’s most conquered of all. Besides structured eveningwear, knitwear holds a strong place in her heart. This form of design needs to be immaculate. Knitwear is where knit fabrics (stretch) are used to make garments, where cut and sewn knits and full fashion knits are used. Cut and sew knits are knit fabrics that are made by knitting rolls of fabric and the designer cuts the pattern out like they would with any fabric. Full fashion knits are machine made knit garments- made in one piece by machine eliminating all seams. Jennifer usually works 90% with cut and sewn knit fabrics since it is a more accessible way for her to reach her design goal. Finishes need to be thought through and understood by the eye of the designer. Each bit of stretch in knitwear fabrics can be easily ruined and destroyed by one stitch. Jennifer believes that if you can master the construction of knit wear you can make any garment look good.

Knitwear Gallery