Jennifer Santariello Fashion Designer


Couture Work

  • Hand Beading
  • Custom Flower Design

Couture is a word that some people take for granted. Ms. Santariello loves to work entirely in this element of fashion. The definition of couture is high end, custom made, hand sewn work of art. This means that anything “couture” takes a very long time, strict dedication, meticulous workmanship and is considerably the most beautiful thoughtout time piece one can own. Hand sewing is 100% of this task. This is articulated to be constructed by the designer in the most magnificent way, shape and form- bead by bead and thread by thread . . . Jennifer loves this kind of work because it shows precise representation of how much a designer is able to accomplish in details. Neat, perfect hand work represented throughout each couture piece can sum up couture.


  • Gowns
  • Social Dresses

Jennifer Santariello specializes in eveningwear, studied throughout her final semesters in college in both her AAS degree and BFA degree. She has a love for controlled workmanship, strict construction, hand work, detailed garments and high end fabrics. She loves the way the fabric falls and can be depicted differently throughout each design. Working diligently with sentimental talent she strives to perfect each task of eveningwear. Long formal elite gowns, beautiful flowing fabrics for social events, detailed hand beading, variety of closures, corsetry, and sewing techniques can be mastered. Any form of eveningwear can be seen at formal events, debutante cotillions’, social gatherings, elite occasions, etc.

Couture/Eveningwear Gallery