Jennifer Santariello Fashion Designer

About Jennifer

Jennifer Santariello New York Fashion Designer

Jennifer Santariello is a Fashion Designer, born and raised in NY. She has had the eye for fashion with complete love and dedication since she was a little girl. At the age of 14, during high school, she began to study fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology during her free time.

She then graduated high school and continued her studies attending college at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Here she felt she has conquered her strong, diligent abilities as a designer, graduating with her BFA degree in Fashion Design in May 2007.

Graduating with her degree, she has overcome many obstacles that are held with great dignity and strength. A few of her biggest accomplishments so far are: AAS exhibit where her dress was chosen to be on display, BFA Runway Fashion show, and the 2009 GLAAD Awards, where an MTV reality TV Star wore her cocktail dress to the event.

Striving for the best of every fashionable world, Jennifer Santariello works full time for a junior knit clothing line in NYC’s garment center, where she has worked at since 2005 as a devoted Vice President of Sales and Design. She also conquers freelance design jobs on a weekly basis, where she tries to expand her horizons and “just learn”. She has figured out a way to separate her design from her full time job in sales. She continues to dominate both fields with a different kind of love and dedication.

Thus far, she has continued to grow strong as a designer. From designing upholstery, doing alterations, making complete couture evening gowns, adorable childrenswear ensembles, her abilities continue to expand day by day. She has a love for anything fashion related to keep challenging her abilities. Custom designs, are made on a daily basis with couture finishes and one of a kind workmanship. Having “the eye for fashion” her success will continue to prosper.